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Are you aware that in your business everything is a direct reflection of your self-worth?

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Hello, I'm Frances Day...

Like you, I am a female business owner who has wrestled with challenges and limiting beliefs throughout my career.

With 30 years of marketing and business experience, I've harnessed my unique gift as an energy healer and intuitive soul coach to overcome challenges. This realisation has allowed me to release internal blocks and empower business owners to reach the next level, offering a smarter way to run both my business and yours.

Ever felt you just haven’t fully realised your potential?

Do you feel like something is holding you back from fully shining and soaring in your business, even though you maintain a confident facade on the outside? Is imposter syndrome making you feel like a little girl lost on the inside? Could low self-worth be driving decisions rooted in fear and scarcity, leading to undercharging and undervaluing your worth? You're undoubtedly a kind soul who gives generously to others. Let me help you in unleashing the extraordinary person you were always meant to be.

I will help you get out of your own way by banishing limiting beliefs and helping you to visualise your true destiny and then make it happen. Let’s stop playing small.

Limiting Beliefs


Genius & Focus

My Story...

Diving Deep to Climb High

This year I have just published my first book, ‘Diving Deep to Climb High’ an autobiography of my life and learnings. I learnt the hard way.

By going deep and clearing the energy that sits beneath the surface, you’re able to step into that powerful feminine that your soul craves.

Do the work, your life will be better because of it.

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“Frances has an incredible ability to bring calm, confidence and clarity, she really understands the challenges of a female business owner”

"This was one of the most profound circles of my life! Sweet sisters, come be with us."


"I have to say, that my mindset has definitely shifted and I can start to feel what's going to work for me and what isn't. This is incredible. Thank you Frances Day."

"I feel like it's the beginning of a journey. With thought-provoking exercises, I had a deep insight into one of them which was unexpected, I feel more aware of my thoughts now. And I learned that it all starts with us first. It was good to end the session with a meditation - it was very relaxing, and the time just flew by. If this was what it was like in the first session - wow - I definitely can't wait for the next one."


"I really enjoyed my first session with Frances. She is a very warm, open and supportive woman who knows her stuff. I have been on various business groups in the past but this is definitely different in the way it is hosted. Being an energy worker I really appreciated the spiritual and energetic slant of what she teaches and the processes she uses to bring our awareness of our limiting beliefs to our conscious self. Wonderful xx

Ruth Lomax

Discover the Reflection of Your Self-worth

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